December is a Super time for an Orlando Vacation

Let your Child be the Star
It's a lot of fun whether you're a hardcore star wars fan or just a fan of fun. go

Get Wet
Overall I would consider this ride a great family ride, well done in every respect and perfect for a warm day. go

Holiday Street Dance Party
A compelling reason for visiting during this time of year is the heavily extended operating hours. go

Family Things to Do
Splitsville is pretty entertaining and the kind of thing good for all ages. go

Get your Child on Stage
The basketball players and cheerleaders are fantastic with their dance moves! go

Holiday Season
Orlando still rings out with holly jolly fun unlike any other destination. go

You don't have to camp if that's not your thing because the value hotels are darn good for the experience. go

Little League Football
Then in the last game, one of the other umpires completely blows a call. go


Day Trip Locations

Swimming Pool
Just amazed when we had the beauty of this gigantic Disney Orlando property. go

Music Gets Everyone Going
Get up close to shake hands with the zany characters. go

Go here for the Alcohol Drinks
Really, this is a nice family ride, and with a nice dinner at the restaurant. go

Pet Care
Try to find a better place, and the animals are so lucky. go

Frontierland Boat Ride
Orlando has so much, and we've vacationed at the Disney resorts a number of times and have made so many great memories. go

A lot of Calories
It provides all with an incredible chocolaty scent emanating from the store. go

Magic Kingdom Family Trips
Depending on the season, it can be about half the price of the same single day ticket if you take the package deal. go


Orlando Trip Planning

Day Trip Locations

Did you know that when you're thinking about bringing your dog to Orlando, forget about the disney hotels. I thought about that for a bit, being a dog owner myself, and it really does make sense. This community is the place where you are so active all day long, even sometimes 12 or 14 hours in a row you are not back At the Hotel. It would be impossible for people that have pets to try to keep their Animals nice and not barking when there's nobody there to supervise them. Dogs are in a strange place, they're not in their home environment. This is an attraction in town for people to have fun, not to worry about dogs barking and all the noise, plus the smelly stuff. We agree that the pet friendly policy of Disney is no pets at all! They do have a kennel if you want to leave him over there, but wouldn't a dogs be better off at home?

Ali Q.