Enjoy good Ideas to have a nice time Exploring the Area

Holiday Season
The money is spent with great acts, along with miles of garland and twinkling lights. go

Let your Child be the Star
We most like attractions where children can be in the show. go

Family Things to Do
Like the old days, the first thing to get is your shoe rentals. go

Disney Single Rider Line
Yes its a good park and it will be a super day if you do your homework. go

Little League Football
All we need is better referees and umpires! go

Get your Child on Stage
This show is such a fun, energetic, good time. go

Shows, Rides, and Marine Exhibits
I mainly go to Disney and Universal, since we got annual passes for both. go

As you ride in your jeep, you will view native african animals roaming the land in all their glory. go


Attraction Destinations

Best Orlando Chocolate Merchandise Shop
It provides all with an incredible chocolaty scent emanating from the store. go

Underwater Reef Shark Viewing
The sharks are so cute and might only nibble on your fins. go

Little Mermaid
Part of Animation Courtyard, you can see dancing crabs and fish under the arms of the cast members bringing you this theatrical experience. go

Getting alcohol at Epcot is all about the Margarita Bars, and the best one is in Mexico. go

Mousekateer Hotel Perfection with Children at Disney
The Contemporary Resort is all fun with a futuristic atmosphere, as the monorails glide in and out of the fourth floor mezzanine. go

Village People Band Performance
The Epcot World Showcase waterfront concert venue is just the ideal setting for enjoying music, food, beverages, and song! go

This is a Wonderful Hotel
These people are preparing for their upcoming meeting at the hotel business center. go


Photos of the Attractions

Attraction Destinations

Go ahead and plan on taking about one zillion photographs during your trip down to Orlando. It is amazing that every place in town is pretty and all dolled up to look amazing, even the restaurants. When you go inside the theme parks like Animal Kingdom, then it is really nice for taking the outdoor Photography type shots. Not always do you have the good sun shine at your back, many of the times you're indoors and fluctuating between outdoors and indoors rapidly. Your ability to change the settings and take a good photograph can be challenging. One of the problems we always have, is just being drenched with sweat from all the Walking and the camera can accidentally get water in. We like it though, this place is just meant for photography of all kinds.

Caleb F.