Every Day of the Week are Fun Times in this Town

Holiday Street Dance Party
December is a super time for an Orlando vacation. go

Little League Football
All the kids are getting a free on day entrance to DisneyQuest to make up for the error! go

All Day Entertainment
I mainly go to Disney and Universal, since we got annual passes for both. go

Let your Child be the Star
Enjoy good ideas to have a nice time exploring the area. go

So much Fun
A lot of people are heading over to the wizard eating world of Harry Potter and that means it's always packed, so focus on these other type of adventures where you can walk right up and get on quickly. go

Get your Child on Stage
We had so much fun on the two week vacation trip to central Florida. go

Thrill Park Zoo
It is super place the have the camera ready. go

Holiday Season
The money is spent with great acts, along with miles of garland and twinkling lights. go


Weekend Planning

Only once in a while are you going to hit a theme park if you live here. go

All Aboard the Peoplemover
You get to take a breezy tour of Tomorrowland, and get a nice glimpse behind the scenes. go

Magic Kingdom Christmas Events
Due to the Christmas events, they have several entertainment changes during the holidays. go

Good Hat
You can stop on one of the bridges and try to listen carefully and there will be live music coming in one direction or another for sure. go

Enjoy the Movie Stars
The best things to do here are Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show and Muppet Vision 3-D. go

Tent Camping
The property is huge, well shaded, and loaded with pleasure fun. go

Famous Disney School Kids
All of this stuff that has singing and dancing is a winner. go


Come to Orlando

Weekend Planning

If you're looking for pet friendly daycare at Disney, they have a kennel which will do just that. It's a great place, maybe a little more on the expensive side, but your dog will be very happy at this doggie day camp. They do everything here for you, even gave the dog shampoo cleaning and lots of pampering. When we come to Orlando to enjoy the attractions and Theme Parks, the last thing we need to do is deal with the dog. Yes we love the dog, but get real, this is time to have some fun. I always think it's kind of enjoyable to see people trying to pull their dogs along international drive on the sidewalks. There is way too many people in the way and the dogs want to sniff on every single person that walks by. The dog owners do not do a good job and are very undisciplined. The dogs don't really belong in a downtown city like this. We all know this is a tourist town, let's keep it that way and make everybody happy that comes here so they spend more money!

Alfredo I.