Good Times are Waiting for all Visitors Vacationing to Orlando

Lots to do in October between the Epcot Wine Fest and Universal Orlando's ghoul-infested Halloween Celebration. go

Free Ideas for Fun in Orlando
The key element to CityWalk is that it is free and you can have a blast with the kids without going into the theme parks. go

Best of the Disney Dancers
The children get involved, as they are invited up close to the stage for some dancing fun. go

You can drink at some nice Bars
What a good time, as they really have a huge mix of contemporary art, student contests, photography, and chalk designs. go

Cooling Down Stations
It all started because of the famous beer company that loved marine life. go

Best Themed
You need to be physically active, so you can handle all of the exercise that you get climbing the stairs. go

Waiting in Line
You are not strapped down by your shoulders on this particular ride. go

Orlando Pony Rentals
This is for those kids who are under nine or too small for the big horses on the trails. go


Award Winners

Live Action Show
The show lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes which is unbelievable at a theme park. go

Let your Child be the Star
Star wars weekends are geared towards all things star wars so the kids love this time. go

Entertainment at the Disney Castle
We come back year after year and really enjoyed staying at the movie themed resort which is so close to everything. go

Mini Golf Group Discounts
The entire family reunion group made the trip here for a fun round of play-style golf. go

Fastest Rides for all Ages
You need to figure this stuff out before you buy the ticket and pick what is best for you. go

Animal Kingdom Asia
Just the ticket to a piece of the gems in Asia. go

Nice value close to International Drive
You can go with a crash pad, under $40 or so. go

The Attractions

When we first started coming to Orlando about ten years ago, most of the focus is on trying to figure out the theme parks and rides. We have changed the tune completely over the years, and now the big focus is on finding the wonderful hotel that has a little bit of everything for fun. It is a pleasure being able to come back from the attractions around the Orlando area and have a special situation where you do not need to use the car. I think having a poolside cafe that you can eat and drink at while you're in your bathing suit is something special. The ladies can be looking sexy in their bikini while sipping on a mango Margarita! I was so impressed at the kind of things that they serve for you over at the disney hotels. Yes you can get a big budweiser Beer if that's what you're into, but how about something super cool like a frozen smoothie cocktail!

John L.

Very Nice

Please remind me to load your very nice boom box to take! Tunes at a mild level are good at Pop Century Resort or any of the hotels in the area. We are off to the cafe and then back to the Epcot showcase bandstage for the live Music at Disney.

Cortney K.