It is the best thing staying at a Theme Park Resort

First to the Theme Parks each Day
They cater to kids, families, and romantic times for adults. go

Theme Park Beach Hotel
We all love it and cannot wait to go back! go

Hotels where you want to take Family Photos
It is not bad at all, just fantastic! go

Pleasure filled Orlando Trips on Budget
I guess you could request a special section and they should be able to put you there. go

Polynesian Restaurant
Hungry kids or adults here can make their own pineapple or vanilla dole whip at Captain Cook's restaurant. go

Poolside Views
Take a long and health fitness walk around to the magic kingdom. go

Weekly Orlando Rental
The area has many luxurious two or three bedroom suites, so we skip the traditional hotels. go

Where Tennis Players should stay at Disney
A kids place or a romantic couples place, it works perfectly for all age groups. go


Disney Resort Picking

Captain Sparrow Pirate Training
Epcot is better for big kids because of the Disney wine menu! go

Dining is an Encounter with Yummy
Why not try the things that you would no way a having access to, like eating here in Morocco. go

Good Hat
Very impressed has been the really entertaining focus on music and live bands. go

Wet Rides
Don't forget about Splash Mountain, which is just wonderful. go

Going to the Dance Party
We started coming out to the Theme Parks later in the day, as the early birds start piling out and we get the shorter lines. go

Hear the Norwegian Band
Orlando does not have any other place even close to this. go

Roller Coaster in the Dark
The number one thing to know about Fast Pass is to get your first ticket as soon as you walk in the park. go

Booking Late in September

This summer we wanted to finish the Florida vacation strong, so booking late in September was a good idea. The things we like the most are of course the theme parks, with the Disney movie studios as number one. Epcot is amazing with all the food and bars. The warm weather is great for the water parks, which are less crowded because the children In Orlando are in school.

Bret V.

Saving Money is the Reward

The hotels, restaurants, and attractions are so fun here. We do a lot of spending, so we got the Disney rewards visa credit card. The card's web site shows the hundreds of retailers nationwide that you will save at with the visa platinum credit card. The savings and convenience put time and money back where it belongs, free nights at a Disney hotel! A good visa plan indeed.

Harris D.

The Hotel Room

We are going to do Citywalk at least once or twice since we are in north Orlando that's the closest target for the big evening theme park fun. It's only you have to wait till after six pm for the free parking if you're a Florida resident. You just need the hotel room to get back to and relax because it's going to be a busy day with all the activities especially if the weather is cooperating nicely. It's always a good idea to check some of the Orlando events that are going on because that sometimes can have Football and pro Basketball if you feel like going over there and checking that out for a couple of hours like at the amway center or the citrus bowl.

Mostly we did a lot of Disney things because that was our target it was a big goal of mine to go on swirl a whirl or maybe they call it Primeval Whirl. The Disney rides always have the coolest name you can't always remember exactly what it is or spell it. I can spell Dinosaur the ride and make sure you do that but be ready for the dark scary rides at some little kids don't like. I hadn't been on that ride for about three years and loved it.

What good place on the north side of town that people might want to check out. For the shopping is the Altamonte Springs mall, it's a neat place and Winter Park village. We like Walt Disney World a lot and that's our main thing because Hollywood Studios has so much to do all the time, and everything is different each day as far as Street Entertainment and performances. We love this town!

Kellie N.