It was a Pleasure to Enjoy Such a Wide Variety of Entertainment

Magic Kingdom High School Cheerleaders
We are planning to head over each year, as this might be the best time of the year for a visit. go

Sassagoula River Resort
There is a big marina with lots of watersports toys, boat rentals, and fishing. go

Meet Aladdin for a Ride
Do keep the video and photography ready to roll at every part of the Disney property adventure. go

Big Family Style Steakhouse Menu
Expect a wide-range of refined palates, as people from all over the world stop here. go

Activities on the Lake
Kids can join in the daily events and the current schedules are posted in the lobby. go

Shopping Mall
We stop in every six months or so and have been here at least 20 or 30 times, over the many years. go

Enjoy the Focus on Small Kids
Families with children will truly enjoy the focus on small kids and the daily events at the Magic Kingdom. go

Just got back from Disney Yesterday
You will love the super professional stunts and actors. go


Kid Picks

Splash Pleasures
You just need to use your car a little bit to get to the theme parks. go

Full Kitchen Disney World Hotel
The area has many luxurious two or three bedroom suites, so we skip the traditional hotels. go

Pleasure filled Orlando Trips on Budget
If you do not like sports as much, go with the contemporary which is fun for kids too. go

Zero Entry Swimming Pool
Going with a tropical resort is a sure thing to a good time. go

Quick Service Food Court
One great thing is the food at the hotel. go

Using the Tent at Disney
It is a winner for all ages that want to camp in Orlando. go

Coolest Hotels around Disney Orlando
Walk to it all. go

We love the Celebrations

Hello from some disney nuts and thank you for saying hi and being polite about your bad day with a cast member. When people get bumped from a ride, I do not get many polite responses. I retired early in 06 and we bought a home here in Lake Buena Vista. I have been a full time annual passholder for two years still have a lake home in Indiana. I miss being on the water, I haven't made it to the Key West Resort, yet that's on my bucket list. Have a good evening at the Disney Springs Celebration.

Julie G.

Orlando Fun

My friend wants me to double date to the for lunch and then to Epcot Theme Park for the Wine Festival. She is married and he is not. I understand it can happen, dating a married person when one is young and the hormones are over powering the brain. Once over thirty, you are too old to fall for that nightmare, that only always gets worse with time. I have been there years ago, but now would not even have a German Showcase Beer with a person that is married! Just a thought, but not my business! The theme parks are good ideas for very romantic locations for orlando fun.

Royce Q.