One Cannot get Bored in Orlando with so many Daily Events

The animals inside do bite so do not put your arms out. go

It's twenty-four hour a day Disney entertainment, plus All-Star Movies is really good. go

Let your Child be the Star
Celebrities are in attendance so be ready to get a photo with a movie star. go

Get your Child on Stage
We had so much fun on the two week vacation trip to central Florida. go

Disney Single Rider Line
I go to Animal Kingdom once a year and am sure to play my ride choices carefully. go

So much Fun
Try something good, as my favorites are the cinnabon bites shop in Citywalk. go

Fun Rides and Shows
I mainly go to Disney and Universal, since we got annual passes for both. go

Holiday Street Dance Party
If you don't mind navigating heavy crowds, these times can be great to go for seasonal parties and music. go


Visitor Planning

Best Fast Food Restaurant
By far the winner of the Tastiest Food to Go in Orlando. go

Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
Located one block from the Magic Kingdom, how cool is that! go

Beer is your Friend at Disney Concerts
It is an anniversary party for our college group and it is time to party! go

You can do so much in Orlando, but you will never top the dining experience here. go

Live Action Show
It is not a movie, but rather a real take on what the Indiana Jones character and adventures are all about. go

Always Fun
Videopass is even better, as we all want to take our Disney videos and put them up on youtube and other social media websites. go

Marriott Vs Disney Hotels
We are going to compare it to a new place off property in north Orlando. go

Picking Orlando Hotels

It has been a pleasure going to many of the Walt Disney activities and events that they have throughout the year. We love the Wine Festival, that's the favorite because of the great food and wine at the same time. They have a really good hotel which sits directly next to the France Pavilion, named the Beach Club. It is really impressive because of the wonderful location and the dunes coves pool. What a giant Swimming Pool area that they have, which is true in many of the hotels that you can stay at during your time here In Orlando. The value hotels are fantastic like All-Star Sports Resort, if you want to save a little money. If you go prime time I would say the Beach Club Resort is your number one, especially for adults that like to drink a little bit. Beer and wine really helps to make it even the scary rides like Space Mountain more tolerable!

Cristobal R.

Special Times

Ok, Florida Travel Commander for the cafe idea. I'm thinking we will bike in the day and enjoy the Christmas festivities at night. We have the festivities at cranes roost, and City Walk. It is a fun town.

Darnell H.