Orlando Hotel Amenities are Yours for the Picking

Orlando Hotels with Fantastic Swimming Pools
Food is excellent with all natural cocktails using fresh orange and lime juice. go

Waterfront Hotels
Such a pleasure was enjoying the shipwreck beach area, and the poolside beer-ready-bar. go

Entertaining Couples Getaway
There is a separate guest pool and gym area at the villas. go

Resorts with the Kid Focus
Everyone is always smiling as the theming was so immersive, it makes you feel good. go

Overnight in Orlando
Parents can push your own stroller right back to the hotel without having to fold it up and wait for buses. go

Zebras Outside your Hotel Room
It is amazing that each time you enter your room the view out back has changed. go

Mickey Mouse Orlando
The key is getting to the bus stop at the right time where you're not waiting around for it and that is where the front desk people can help you out and give you advice. go

Lots of Activities and Adventure
I think it's just right for anybody that's looking for a good place to stay when you're visiting the Orlando area. go


Want a Room

Live Events for Disney Pleasures
Bring extra snacks for the kids, grapes are good to nibble on and peanuts. go

First Rate Orlando Hotel
The resorts at Disney World do not get old as we have stayed at most of them multiple times. go

Street Entertainment
The best things to do here are Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show and Muppet Vision 3-D. go

Faster than the Test Track
It all starts in the training room, then moving out to the track. go

Scary Magic Kingdom Rollercoaster
You do not get strapped in like over Space Mountain. go

Hotel near the Earl of Sandwich
We like to stay at any of the resorts that have nightlife in full motion without using the car. go

Value Resorts are Darn Good
Get all the family-friendly hospitality, putting greens, onsite dining and more. go


On Disney Property

Want a Room

Very impressive are the little things that you see when you're cruising around on disney property. We came in mainly to do Animal Kingdom Park and Hollywood Studios on this trip. We stayed at the Pop Century Resort to save a little bit of money. You're going to need some extra cash for inside the theme parks, because the food is really good. It would be great if they had a ticket price for people that could just come in and enjoy the Disney day, but it would not allow you to do any of the rides. I would be glad to pay for that so I could come in and take advantage of the restaurants. Maybe they should allow people just to come to the Theme Parks and then they charge a five dollars, if you fail to eat at one of the restaurants. There should be different ways to get people inside of the Theme Parks without necessarily giving them the opportunity to ride the rides. My grandmother never rides in the rides.

Juliet D.