The food and swimming pools at the resorts are great treats

Yacht Club
At each disney hotel, pick from ping-pong to tennis, even video arcades, dance contests, and water sports. go

Enjoy the Comforts
Pack up for the hotel, get all the comforts of home. go

Balcony Views
The key here is you get it all, walk to epcot and the fabulous boardwalk restaurants-bars. go

Amenity Maximization
Be close to the good-pleasure-fun and the beer-drinking-bar, it's well worth it in my opinion! go

Enjoy the Surfboard Bay Swimming Pool
I guess you could request a special section and they should be able to put you there. go

Theme Park Beach Hotel
We spent mega time around the heated swimming pool next to the lighthouse boat marina. go

Excellent selection for a Disney World Orlando Hotel
Wait until you dive into the heating swimming pool. go

They do fancy things with the DJ, balloon artist, wine specials, and fireworks viewing. go


Vacation Rentals

When it Gets Dark
You won't be disappointed as it is very cool to enjoy the Disney nightlife. go

Epcot for the Food
This is a nice place to sample some of the italian wine and beer too! go

Going Down the Ship Slide
Fun times are the daily pool events and going down the ship slide. go

Looping the Epcot Showcase Lake
Probably, the movie is the best thing to see as it is 360 degrees. go

Super Spots for a Relaxing Lunch
The kids love all the tootsie candy they give away during the day. go

Ultimate Food Court
Our favorites for the food are Norway, Germany, Canada, and United Kingdom for the fried fish and beer. go

Huge Dining Area at Epcot
We made a date of it and headed over to enjoy the Restaurant Marrakesh Orlando. go

Fancy Resorts

The fancy resorts over here In Orlando, will cost a little bit more money. I have been impressed with the value, because of all the fun you will have during your stay. When you stay at one of the good places like the Beach Club Resort or the Dolphin Resort, I would not go to the theme parks on those days. These hotels are a great experience on their own. There is nothing like a day when you can have your smiles on and never leave the hotel. The food is terrific, and you don't have to drive anywhere since everything is right there for you. That is worth a lot to me, to take a vacation where I don't have to use my car. We always had the option of using your car to get to the Theme Parks, but there's really no need to. There is not a lot of automobile traffic in the Disney area, because there's only a few places to stop and every things like a little mini highway system. You can get from the Pop Century Resort to Epcot and ten minutes.

Jim W.

Service with a Smile

You can ship from ups your Disney packages. Check the for locations or do what we did and give it to the front desk at the boardwallk inn. They have the same ups service at the where we stayed last month.

Grover S.