The hotels at Disney do all sorts of neat things

Disney RV Park Orlando
However, once you get to Florida, the weather is sunny with a high of 84. go

Splash Pleasures
Disney offers a lot of locals discounts, meaning you have to prove you are a florida resident to get a good deal. go

Hotels to love the Heated Swimming Pool
They really do a good job with this resort. go

Swimming Pool
There is a super place nearby for dog care during your stay. go

Lakeside Disney Boardwalk Villa
It is so romantic to stand out on the balcony and watch the street party below. go

Disney Springs Area Hotel
We found this resort package on groupon and took the deal. go

Free Ride for Cocktail Drinkers
Very nice are the Disney hotel amenities and extras. go

Swimming Pool
For cheaper at the Theme Parks go with the all star hotels. go


Information about the Resorts

Mickey Mouse
I should've said the absolute cheapest way to stay is that the Orlando Florida RV camp which is fantastic. go

Sassagoula River Pathway Rides
Cruise along the banks of the Sassagoula River in the coolest multi-person bicycle. go

All Smiles all Day
It is a hoot. go

Street Entertainment
Younger kids will love Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure and the kid Character Greetings. go

Frontierland Boat Ride
Be sure to try and find the paint brushes on Tom Sawyer's island to win a daily prize. go

Waterfall Splash for all Ages
Reminiscent of the themed Disney Polynesian Resort, the rugged beauty of the waterpark is striking. go

Wine Festival
I am not sure you can get drunk at Disney because of all the walking. go

Hotels with Excellent on Site Dining

I am very busy tonight over here planning for a special Christmas at the Disney Key West Resort! Just cannot wait for the party, taco dip, and swimming fun. At the resort tiki bar, try some of the Mango taco dip made with Disney style.

Vicky G.

Great Hotels

We were definitely pumped up for this trip to the Grand Floridian, as that place looks so good on the website. Once you get here it's equally as good but even way better. They have a wedding chapel right out here by the tennis courts which I had no idea they were having daily weddings. It seems like every couple hours there is another group of people leaving the wedding ceremony with the large crowd of people all dressed up perfectly. If you're not in the wedding party really don't have to dress up as this is a casual place, just try to look nice in the evenings if you go out to dinner.

I didn't check to see if they had any dress policy for their fancy dining but I'm sure they do like jackets required, but you better check don't go by me. We spent a lot of time hanging out by the lounge chairs next to the pool area because it was lovely to jump in and cool off. They keep the pool temperature at Disney at eighty-four degrees which seems to be perfect to me because you don't have to worry about getting in. Hanging by the pool is fun when you can be chatting away about the things that you just did over on main streetusa in the Magic Kingdom. I really like Pirates of the Caribbean ride because it's nice and cool and funny.

You will like inside The Hotel Room because of the showers and getting cleaned up has never been as fun. It's nice to have a bathroom area where it is gorgeous and ultraclean. All I can say is it's a great experience to come to this town and we do like being in Lake Buena Vista a lot better than north Orlando which is where we stayed during our last trip in April.

Raquel D.