The value of staying at a Disney resort is hard to beat

The high-end Polynesian Disney resort makes us smile, it is worth the booking fee. go

Yacht Club
At each disney hotel, pick from ping-pong to tennis, even video arcades, dance contests, and water sports. go

Hotel located near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park
If you do not like sports as much, go with the contemporary which is fun for kids too. go

Alcohol at the Pool Bar
You will get to play on the Florida beaches at the hotel, yes, a beach and boating. go

Stormalong Bay Sand Castles
The rooms are spacious, clean, have a refrigerator and luxurious. go

Take a tour before you book
A kids place or a romantic couples place, it works perfectly for all age groups. go

Pony Rides
There is lots of fantastic options to sample in the great outdoors in and surrounding the camping complex. go

Mid Budget Disney Rental
It is only about a three minute walk from the hotel lobby to our end of the boardwalk attractions. go


Themed Guestrooms

Street Performers and Movie Stars
The best thing at Disney are the Street Performers and movie stars. go

Live Action Show
It is not a movie, but rather a real take on what the Indiana Jones character and adventures are all about. go

United Kingdom Beer Bar
The scotch egg is a fried hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat with mustard sauce. go

Magic Kingdom Christmas Events
It still is the best time of the year to go, we love the party! go

A lot of Calories
Get over-the-top sundaes, packed full of intense ghirardelli chocolate. go

All the Cool Stuff
It is all here in Disney Orlando where you walk the wonderful lands, celebrate the fascinating cultures of canadian life and numerous wonders of the cold world around them. go

Sassagoula River Resort
Take the Sassagoula River Waterway to Downtown Disney for the evening entertainment. go

Trip to Orlando

If you want your family to have a lot more fun during your trip to Orlando, make sure you focus on the wet and water rides. I love the one they have at Animal Kingdom Park called Kali River Rapids. I think this is my favorite one of all during the trip, and it is better than the Magic Kingdom Theme Park ride that is similar called Splash Mountain. If at the very end of Kali River Rapids there was a big giant Roller Coaster style drop like Splash Mountain, then they really would have hit a homerun with this ride. It's still a lot of fun because it's way more interactive with the water coming down on you. We also went to Blizzard Beach Theme Park you have to say good things about that. I would say only about fifty percent of the people can handle arrived like Slush Gusher, and that's not even the toughest one!

Avis A.

Mickey Mouse Vacation

We thought the disney hotels are the best of all time. It was nice to be able to check out a few of them while we were staying at the All-Star Movies resort. A lot of people talked about the traffic and driving around. We really worried quite a bit about dealing with transportation, of course the free stuff and the Boat Taxis are really nice. Going through bad Kissimmee Florida traffic is rough. Take a break and get some take out food. It is always a bummer just to end a vacation, so sorry to hear that issue. That is neat that 511 works. You can always just call me and I can look it up for you so you can focus on driving. Figure out our Mickey Mouse Christmas vacation!

Matilda B.