There are so many good things to do at Disney World

Center of the Park
I think the festive atmosphere makes it worth it, and we like a big crowd of people when everybody's happy cheering and in a good mood. go

Strap in and get Ready to Fly on Everest
There is nothing wrong with Harry Potter or Adventureland, but you get more value and fun out of a day to Animal Kingdom. go

Epcot Italy Italian Restaurant
Coming to visit will make you want to pursue a career in travel! go

Sit Down Shows
Once in a while the Cirque du Soleil will close for their seasonal refurbishment. go

Disney World Baseball Stadium
You know, like the cardinals, mets, and new york yankees. go

December Events at Hollywood Studios
The trip came during the season of sharing, which is so nice. go

Best Haircut Shop near Disney World
When we go back down the road to the Magic Kingdom, I will get a haircut. go

Best for Children is Typhoon Lagoon
Our absolute favorite place to take our children on a summer day is to Blizzard Beach Water Park at Disney. go


Action Packed

Magic Kingdom Golf Resort
It is a golfer's delight for sure, the putting and practice green area of the golf course sits right next to the swimming pool! go

Walk to the Nightlife and Sports Bars
The hotel has the very best Disney Swimming Pool. go

Get a Room at the Touchdown Hotel
The Disney World Cheapo Hotels are just fine, really they are exceptional. go

Excellent Hotels for Adults in Orlando
This time it was all adults, and the rooms are plenty big, so not a problem there. go

Lakeside Disney Boardwalk Villa
The best rooms have a BoardWalk view, so room time is outstanding for people watching. go

The Whole Disney Experience
Yes, they take the photos and give you a small card, the photopass. go

The Best Places in Orlando for Entertainment
Yes, it allows a child from three to eleven years old to eat free at zillions of Orlando Area Restaurants. go

Unlimited free Refills on Fountain Drinks

The rapid fill program allows Disney resort guests to buy a resort mug which can be refilled. The mugs are great to put a cocktail. You can add your own Alcohol to enhance the Disney World fruit punch. Guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on Fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations at disney resorts for their length of stay. We love the one-price unlimited drinks plan the resorts offer. Mugs used to be considered collectibles, with each Disney resort offering unique patterns for their mugs. Refillable mugs are 16 oz insulated coffee mugs sold at disney hotels.

Erasmo D.

Walt Disney

By the way, I worked at the kid fest yesterday at Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Last year, if I remember correctly, you and Florida travel detective stopped by. It was a big success as usual. Tons of screaming kids dressed in halloween costumes.

We did over 150 kids fingerprints. Oh the fun and then lunch at the cafe!

Jackie G.