We have Been very Happy with the Themed Orlando Restaurants

Great Mix of Bands makes me smile
Our pick for Orlando bars that are the best at showcasing the top bands. go

Orlando has a few Restaurant Rows
Help please, on where to eat for lunch or dinner in Orlando? go

Japanese Restaurant
Try the sushi, grilled steak, tempura, and classic noodle dishes with japanese beer or wine. go

Premium Margarita Cocktails
Nicely done is puerco en salsa de mole negro, or roasted pork tenderloin with roasted corn, and sweet potato mash. go

Sit Outside
Everything on the menu has a little twist to it, so it is fun to eat here to try something a little bit different. go

Get some Burritos
Fantastic rice bowls are yummy. go


Wonderful Restaurant Reviews

Educational Opportunities
Perfect to cool off on a hot day and is great for small kids. go

Walkway to Citywalk
That's another one to consider because you have for great hotels so close together and they're all priced about the same. go

Splash Pleasures
This is our favorite cheapo. go

Hall of Presidents
This is one of the best areas at all of Disney Orlando. go

Take Advantage of Beach Play
They have things scheduled periodically throughout the day, so you do want to take advantage of the Caribbean Beach Event Schedule. go

German Chocolate Shop
You will not find a better place, it is so festive and there is tons more to do than just here. go

The best of the Downtown Disney Events
This just has to the coolest of the Downtown Disney Events. go


The Wonderful Restaurant

Wonderful Restaurant Reviews

We would like to review of one of the really good Disney World restaurants that we ate at a couple of weeks ago. A lot of people might not realize that Espn is a big part of the Disney company, like brother and sister. I recommend everybody that is here on one of their vacations to Orlando to try the Espn Restaurant. This place is outstanding, because it's all pretty inside and there's entertainment nonstop because of the sports television options. The Beer menu is great and you can get pretty good prices for a beer, way cheaper then just 100 yards away and inside Epcot. It's a lot better to get your drink on outside of the theme parks, then ahead in to let the buzz run its course! Back to the wonderful restaurant, i have to recommend a barbecue pork sandwich which is loaded down with some really good barbecue sauce. French fries goes absolutely perfect with a barbecue sandwich and cold budweiser beer.

Cassie U.