We like having all the fun stuff at the hotel

Recreational Vehicle at Disney
We just pulled into the campground that is less than a mile from the entrance to Magic Kingdom Park. go

Loads of fun is Samawati Springs Swimming Pool
We stayed in the Animal Kingdom Villas, which does sleep six but fits four much better. go

Spirit of Aloha Resort
We are booked for next month here and it will round out our best ever Orlando hotel stays! go

Magic Kingdom Area Lodge
You just get more bang for your dollars. go

Free Ride for Cocktail Drinkers
The bus schedule is clearly listed and they run timely. go

Free Boat Ride to the Entertainment
ANSWER: The deals at Disney tend to be the best value most of the year as they just offer more. go

Boat Taxi
The best time to book a room is during the star wars weekends or the Food and Wine Festival. go

Movie Themed Resort
This trip we are focused on the Scary stuff. go


Rentals Conveniently Close

Wine and Beer at Disney
At least I have an option over here as an adult whether I want to have a beer. go

How Fast can you Go
This is why Orlando is our family's top pick for Florida vacations, getting your speed thrills is so easy. go

We got to Meet Mickey Mouse
You can meet mickey mouse right here as he comes out before and after the event. go

Epcot Miniature Train Village
Epcot Germany is all packaged up to a sweet price, a theme park entrance fee. go

Festival of the Season
One hot spot for all types is the free Festival of the Seasons days and nights at Downtown Disney. go

Very good is the entire stage area and nice lakefront seating. go

Locations to see Mickey Mouse
Nothing is better than the one on one or group photos with the zany Disney characters. go

Top Hotels near Disney

Nice is the fun-filled animation-themed arcade that kids love. Special is the value-category resort which features both wet and dry playgrounds. You have convenient access to Espn Wide World of Sports. From the hotel you walk a bridge to the sprawling Pop Century Resort. Situated on hourglass lake is the best place for a cheap Disney hotel stay.

Natalia D.

Happy with the Hotel Value

The value resorts are prime time. As soon as we arrived and walked around a bit, I knew, well, that this one is fantastic! All-Star Music is right up there with Coronado Springs hotel, just cheaper. Your Mickey Mouse loving friends should come to visit more often! Five nights of Orlando, Disney, I-drive, and Universal Studios. Very Nice is being next to the golf course by the Magic Kingdom, so walk to Disney. Pick from the budget level to ultra fancy with a kitchen.

Jannie F.