We love the rides into space and the stars

Frontierland Boat Ride
We love Tom Sawyer boat ride and it is us in the photograph. go

We love Downtown Disney
Only once in a while are you going to hit a theme park if you live here. go

Having alcohol and cocktails at Disney
They have live music here at the Boardwalk, plus a whole array of different restaurants and bars. go

Exciting Performances
What a day and something to remember forever so make sure you take lots of photography or use the photo pass camera people. go

Better than a Big Rollercoaster
The show lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes which is unbelievable at a theme park. go

Very Merry Christmas Party
Whenever you put the Disney critters and good music together, that is time for a party. go

Epcot Japan Sushi Grill
Pay attention when in the pavilion, its surroundings are inspired by katsura, a masterpiece of japanese gardening. go

Good Hat
Epcot is a lot of fun for us ladies. go


Ride Guidance

Loves Lake Buena Vista for Disney Play
Once you stay here, your family will be hooked and love you for it! go

Lakeside Disney Boardwalk Villa
I love the BoardWalk area and would get a room at one of the hotels here if the budget permits. go

Boat Taxi
Not as good with kids, but perfect for adults. go

Camping in Lake Buena Vista
However, once you get to Florida, the weather is sunny with a high of 84. go

Excellent Hotels for Adults in Orlando
What a pleasure it was to stay here and everyone in our group of four just loved it. go

Book It
It is very family focused, and loads of fun for all ages. go

Loads of fun is Samawati Springs Swimming Pool
The living area has a pull out couch for two extra guests to sleep, and you pick one or two bedroom units depending on availability and your vacation budget. go

Disney Hotel Boat Rental Program

Very impressed we were with the boat rental program at the disney resorts. Let your children choose the hotel boat rental, and off you go onto the water. Small kids get to be with a parent for a super memory.

Refugio E.

Orlando Pleasures

Ok Florida Travel Commander that sounds fantastic about lunch at bostonmarket.com on the way to the Magic Kingdom Park! I called the condo today, ans we are set. A good cheap fast food is the chick-fil-a.com cafe. They have me in their system.

They sent an email that we have to respond to, to let them know when we will arrive. They want us to call them before we arrive so they can be there to check us in. I will send you the email. If you want to call and talk to them, you can do that.

Lolita J.