We really like Fun Spots where Everyone in the Family is Entertained

Meet Aladdin for a Ride
Do keep the video and photography ready to roll at every part of the Disney property adventure. go

Famous for Fresh Homemade Pasta
Good for kids and adults to enjoy a delicious variety of pasta dishes. go

All Aboard the Peoplemover
This is the way a future city should be. go

Marine Life Animals at Seaworld
You will love the super professional stunts and actors. go

Music Gets Everyone Going
Orlando loves things like this. go

Flower Festival
You may add the park hopper, for example, to hit the Epcot Concerts on the same date. go

Sassagoula River
Fantastic it is to have boat taxi access, as this resort is on the Disney Waterway Channels. go

Waterfall Splash for all Ages
Reminiscent of the themed Disney Polynesian Resort, the rugged beauty of the waterpark is striking. go


Adventure Day

Swimming Pool
Fort Wilderness is so cool, plus camping is way cheaper. go

Movie Hotel
What a really sweet pool, which is huge. go

Splash Pleasures
The bus is free, we tend to take ourselves around. go

3 fun filled Disney Days here
We love it, a great hour of fun. go

Swimming Pool
Way up there with recreational stuff to do for kids. go

Enjoy the Comforts
Ask for the super low price, discounts are a big deal in Orlando. go

Alcohol at the Pool Bar
The resort is very close to the action and affordable, as this is a middle tier for Orlando Themed Hotels. go

Park Hopper Option

We did a little bit of homework before we went to Orlando and people seem to think that the Animal Kingdom Park was a little less than the other Theme Parks. I gave you credit for one aspect of this particular park, it closes way too early. Because of the animals, and the way they naturally live and go to sleep When it Gets Dark, or some of them like giraffes and elephants, it does close early. It is regrettable, but I'm assuming that's just what the problem is and there's nothing you can do about it. They might want to make it clear to people that this is the case. It seems like secret to me but I asked one of the employees one time and that's what they told us. Animals need their sleep and I can live with that plus if you have the park hopper option, head straight to the Epcot Concerts. I think making the park hopper free would be a really good idea, but I doubt there ever going to do that since that's a big moneymaking machine. If you're staying here at the Animal Kingdom Resort hotel, having the park hopper option is pretty much mandatory.

Kaitlyn H.

Daily Entertainment

We want to do some bicycle riding while were here near Disney Orlando and are searching for the best trails. This trip we are going to be staying at the Residence Inn up near Altamonte Springs. This is the slightly north side of Orlando and apparently a good area for bicycle riding. We are looking for any assistance on suggestions for nice trails. We don't need anything super fancy, just something we can ride around for an hour so where it's pretty and safe.

One thing I've learned is there's not very good bicycle riding in the immediate area just around the disney property because they didn't put any sidewalks in very good. I read lakemarylife.com about here, off of state road 436 is the start of a remarkable trail. The Seminole wekiva trail is a 15 mile path near our hotel, so that might work. The path goes up out of Altamonte Springs through Longwood, Lake Mary, and Heathrow. We can do some of it, or at least take a look on the bikes to see. They have trails all over the place, paved and off road. This one here is paved and looks nice when you zoom in.

Frederick M.