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It is not just about the animals at this theme park, despite the name and a big animal focus. You will love the super professional stunts and actors. They can find you even when you were heading toward your fast pass ride. I like the spontaneous events, they make us smile wide!
Sal E.

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Marine Life Animals at Seaworld

We do like the Animals, that is why SeaWorld is such a good experience. Just more on marine animals, not traditional zoo animals. At seaworld we just have to rave over Kraken, as it is so fast. Other rides you can enjoy include: Jazzie Jellies - Manta - Swishy Fishies - Sea Corousel - Ocean Commotion - Shamu Express - Paddle Boats - Skytower - Journey to Atlantis - and the very wild Arctic Ride.

Fanny M.

Top of the day was Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a Very Nice show and it is a real musical, like something in a very professional show. It lasts for about 30-minutes, and does a good job of showcasing the Disney·Pixar movie, Finding Nemo. Even adults will be amazed at this show, certainly designed for audiences of all ages, not just children. Find it over past the the DinoLand USA area, on the right side of the Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Juan Y.

Entertainment at Animal Kingdom

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Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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