Attraction Walkway

Attraction Walkway

It sure makes for great day and you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories with all the walking. I think it's just great and to me I get so much exercise at a going to the theme parks, it's refreshing and great for my feel-good attitude.

You definitely want to wear the most comfortable walking shoes you have and if it's hot day you need to change out your socks every now and then, especially in between each activity when you head back to the hotel. Thank goodness for the Swimming Pool which will be great no matter where you stay starting with Pop Century Resort. We love the swimming pools and that's part of it, because your day is not over when you leave the Theme Parks if you're staying on property.

I love the wide pathways they provide so you can walk slowly and you don't really bump into people as your cruising around. Despite the fact that it seems like there's one million people in here everything goes so smooth as long as you're not Waiting in Line. I would rather just keep going and Exploring and there's no lines at most of the restaurants like or the Parades. There's no lines for just walking and looking at everything and taking photographs, because it's so scenic and enjoyable.

I think the best trip we had was last year when we stayed at Fort Wilderness campground which is very close to the Magic Kingdom Entrance. They have a boat ride that you can take back and forth right from the boat dock of the campground. It's an rv travel trailer type of campground experience and you can bring a tent. All you need is a good old-fashioned Coleman tent and maybe a canopy to put over the picnic table, a big cooler a Beer for the adults and plenty of food for everyone and boy it is fun to camp out. It's twenty-four hour a day Disney entertainment, plus All-Star Movies is really good. You don't have to camp if that's not your thing because the value hotels are darn good for the experience.

Make sure you don't repeat the Theme Park by going back to the same one, multiple days in a row, that would be against the rules of all of us disney nuts! Keep it spontaneous and break it up even skip a day and go up to Altamonte Springs and do the bicycle trails. It's a big town with lots of action and activities and that's why we come back year after year.
Cara P.

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