Lake Buena Vista Attractions

So much of the Disney Theme Parks are actually located in Lake Buena Vista, although most people think it is Disney Orlando. The first attraction is Animal Kingdom, a really fine area that is loaded with goodies. Nemo the show is outstanding and nothing beats the cutting edge rollercoasters. Oh, and Animals too! Very Nice spot.
Nelly Z.

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Plan ahead for what to see

Yes, the theatrical shows and live Music are important to see, so you must grab the event guide at the entrance. They are also in the shops, but getting it and planning the shows to see for the day should be one of your first priorities once through the front gate. Just a tip!

Grover B.

Go Wild Tickets to Disney

We are so lucky to be Florida Residents as the Go Wild and Enjoy Ticket Deal is excellent. You get the excitement and fun at Walt Disney World for cheap. This is the ticket for sure. I like the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Park the best, nothing is wrong with Epcot or Hollywood Studios, so fun. Come see us.

Sonya U.

Visiting the Lion King Cub Kitty

The Animal Kingdom Lion Kitty went to the on-site vet yesterday and he is doing good. He has gained 4 pounds since his problem back in October and made the Orlando TV News. The Lion Cub Kitty is very cute and plays with lots of new boxes the trainers put out for him. The lion are something special, just a tizzy.

Curtis U.

Animal Kingdom

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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