Different Ideas to do at Disney

Oh my goodness is this place just like a vacation to Shanghai China! Yes, this is the cheapest trip possible to find yourself on a China tour. My daughter and son loved it too, and the circus style act out front is just the best. What an great traveling 360-degree movie, food, dance, and art. You will love this unbelievable journey. Plan on at least an hour.
Chong L.

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China Movie is just the best

What fun and cool things you will find in China, an experience that is so exclusive to most of us in the United States. No need to board a long flight, the thriving metropolis of Beijing is remade nicely here In Orlando. The fantastic movie shows off China's most celebrated and spectacular landmarks. Do not miss the movie.

Evangeline L.

Top picks for Lunch or Dinner

So of the things you learn about include: the Forbidden, Regal Summer Palace, Temples and even some of the various Ruling Emperors. Very cool and one of the better places in the world garden for food, all wok style cooking. Yummy.

Marisol Y.

Special parts of the Disney World Experience

It is a good zone with attractions and unforgettable unique cultural experience. Plan on at least an hour as it is one of the Epcot world's largest countries. Orlando has it for you if you need reasons to add China to your travel list. We got into the history and how much modernization that has occurred. Do not pass this up, you will want to take your time in China.

Wally H.

Review of Epcot China

They know how to make Chinese food Extra Special with all the perfect spices just like you are back in the real country. I think Lake Buena Vista probably has more good Chinese Restaurants like dragoncourtbuffet.com than any city in Florida. Just about all the major streets have one of the Chinese buffets and the prices a really good.

We like eating at Epcot because everything is authentic. Just about each time I come here to visit I have to get at least a couple of the egg rolls and there's so good when you dip them in that spicy Chinese mustard. They actually have Chinese donuts that are pretty darn good but I don't usually get those, but if somebody in my group has them and they want to give me half of one I cannot turn it down.

You can eat super healthy if you want like the bean sprouts with tofu and vegetable dish is wonderful. I like snow peas and water chestnut in any of these great dishes. They have a really good broccoli with garlic sauce that spicy hot and you will need a big glass of water next to yourself when you're eating it. Make sure you try a cup of the seafood soup which has nice chunks of shrimp, scallops, and lobster included.

Jarvis I.

China Showcase

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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