Where to get Beer or Wine at Disney

Where to get Beer or Wine at Disney

QUESTION: Can you tell us where to get some wine and beer at the Disney Parks. It is an anniversary party for our college group and it is time to party! ANSWER: Sipping on some Alcohol does add a nice mix to the Disney Day, plus you may need it to go on a Mission to Mars. Epcot is great for drinks, plus all the bars at any of the Disney Orlando Resorts.
Loretta I.

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Big Beers at the USA Concert Stage

During many of the recently hosted events here we have figured out the theme of it all. Disney is all about encouraging kids and adults to connect with nature, and you can do it with Alcohol in hand. Epcot has the best bars, I like the USA Zone as it is near the Music Concerts.

Otis A.

Good Spots for Alcohol at Disney

It is great here and at Animal Kingdom Park. Both are nice for adults and you can get cocktails and really good food. I also really like the places to eat over at Downtown Disney, as they host tons of live Music events.

Jarod T.

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