Disney World Baseball Park

Disney World Baseball Park

Each year in February is a super time to visit this sports focused theme park. Yes, Major League Baseball comes to Orlando and this includes marquee players from primetime teams. You know, like the cardinals, mets, and new york yankees. Very cool is the braves baseball action during their spring training.
Julia Q.

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They really have it going on for the baseball games at the Wide World of Sports Complex. We have a fifteen-year-old boy that's a picture and he got to participate in one of these baseball academy camps. This is a dream come true for anybody that enjoys the game of baseball. Everything is professionally run, and they have the weeklong baseball camps during the summer. I sure wish I could've done something like this when I was younger, and it builds up all of the children's fitness level. This is a lot better than them being back home on their electronic devices during the summer. I noticed there's a lot of girls here that take advantage of the Disney Soccer Fields, very popular with the young females. There is no doubt that you would want to stay in All-Star Sports Resort if you're going to be taking advantage of all of the baseball or soccer facilities.

Denise I.

Disney Baseball Park

2700 South Victory Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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