Drink in the Upper Deck

One of the cool bars down on the far end of the island where most of the action happens. The first time we found that we came over on the Key West boat taxi ferry. We were walking along the waterfront and we landed at the entrance to the bar. Had a great lunch and they have a lot of drink specials.
Omar Z.

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Weekend Pirate Party Bash

We are gearing up for the pirate party bash again this year, held here at the bar. Everybody dresses up like a pirate and the ladies can come up with the most skimpy outfits possible. Body paint has gotten really big down here in the Florida Keys. Girls sure know how to go out and look sexy.

Jesse P.

Baby Back Ribs

The menu is excellent and my pick is the Bone Island Baby Back Ribs! Yes that is the name of the Rib Dish, all slow-roasted, and char-grilled to order. Comes nicely paired with with french fries and coleslaw, you pick the beer!

Leona R.

Blackened Snapper Reuben

The Rum Barrel has a great menu. I really like the Blackened Snapper Reuben. There is something special about blackened seasoning. It is a great sandwich, with cajun spices on the fish, grilled rye bread, and melted swiss cheese.

Myrtle P.

Rum Barrel

528 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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