Drinking Alcohol at Epcot

Drinking Alcohol at Epcot

Wine, Beer, and the full bar of cocktails are on sale seven days a week at all of the Disney Theme Parks. Lots to do in October between the Epcot Wine Fest and Universal Orlando's ghoul-infested Halloween Celebration. Disney has a lot of stuff along the same path, Scaring you for the month of Halloween! Horror Nights are so cool and not for the faint of heart. Really, all of the things are tame enough For the Whole Family to enjoy.
Jolene U.

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Alcohol drinking could not be any easier than at the Food and Wine Festival. It is really a pleasure to have the opportunity to browse around and pick out something special. They have a lot of different styles of wine that you would not normally have the opportunity to sample. With all the Walking that you're going to be doing during the day, it is very Relaxing to be able the sip on a glass of wine every now and then. The alcohol in the wine just takes the edge off of the day, and gives you new life. For some people it might be the only way that they would be able to handle a ride like Test Track! The prices are a little bit higher than I would prefer on the wine. Those huge beers are really popular, I see a lot of guys with those. The big beers are, I think, twenty ounces of budweiser. The guys seem to be able to guzzle those things down pretty easily.

Connie D.

Epcot Wine Festival

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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