Magic Kingdom Nightlife

Fun for children and adults is when it gets dark. Family entertainment during the Disney night has a super vibe. We used to tend to slowly get tired and work her way out towards the front entrance and do a little shopping on Main Street, and leave before sunset. It might be better not to go early, as it cools off so good.

Maybe the best time is to come out here around five pm, in the summer for instance. Things continue to cause more Disney World smiles as the day builds on past sunset.

It is the same as when you were a child going outside that flashlight. Riding bicycles is a lot better at night and so is some time At the Theme Parks. Animal Kingdom is not open at night. Great for the kids is the Disney Nightlife, so we choose the Magic Kingdom. You won't be disappointed as it is very cool to enjoy the Disney nightlife.
Willie L.

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End of the Day Show

The classic Main Street Electrical Parade has certainly changed a lot over the years. All of the best shows at night are performed for an extended run. We always stay up late and do not leave the parks until the end of the parade. This classic parade includes new lighting effects and many great Music hits.

Deanne M.

Best time to Go

Things to slow down a little bit in the evening, so we would recommend people to have a good time at night. Is really good in the summertime when it's warm out and they have the Sounds like Summer shows over there at Epcot Theme Park.

I have to admit the Holiday Parade is Extra Special and the Christmas season is another good opportunity for this particular park. One thing about the summertime it Swimming Season and you can enjoy the surfboard bay Swimming Pool area. We love staying at the disney hotels.

Erwin E.

Magic Kingdom

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