Family First Choice

Family First Choice

Do the watersports out on stormalong bay, and it starts with the beach and huge shipwreck water slide! You will be so busy with all of the outdoor pleasures with lots of good daytime fun to stay wet. This resort is always my family's first choice! Beaches and Cream cafe for snacks is a sure thing. A short walk to Epcot or the Boardwalk Resort. I love the cape may breakfast buffett, so put this on your to do list. The dining options like yachtsman steakhouse, Beaches and Cream, and cape may cafe were great. Forget staying at the fancy off property hotels since this is the best pick. The food was good and service was quick at the poolside beach bar.

Staying at a nice place sure makes things a lot more welcoming each time you come back to the hotel after your fun times Exploring this excellent part of town. I just have to rave big time over my favorite city and all of Florida which is Lake Buena Vista. You get everything so close by and all of the streets and roads are decorated, making you feel like you're in some kind a movie set.

Things are pretty casual once you get out of the car so you might as well think about short pants and good Walking shoes. Get started early, so you can stay busy and hit the ground running. They actually have a Very Nice fitness center if you still have some energy before after your busy day, and the answer for me to that is no way. We walked a lot and I like it because you lose weight even though you're gonna have a whole lotta cocktails in the evening if you're a drinking adult like I am on vacation. They make every kind of conceivable fancy drink you can think of at the Hotel Bar and there's quite a few of them in the property and next-door as part of the Boardwalk Entertainment zone. About the only thing they do not have within walking distance is one of those giant movie theaters like to have over there at the Citywalk complex but who has time for movies! Go ahead and Book It if you're a couple, family, or anybody that's into a leisure good time in a nice environment that will make you smile every moment of the day. We gave up on the cheapies as we like value amenities in this town.

Be sure to make sure everybody in your group to come with a smile and do not let any bad apples spoil the show. Tell everybody if they have a gripe or grievance, can it and just have a good time to make it the best for everyone. I would not think you would need to go to the Magnolia Golf Course but they will cart you over there for free if you need to, again it's a time management issue. I could see playing golf and I'm on vacation in Naples Florida because you can only spend so much time at the beach in the restaurants, but here you have a whole variety of entertainment options that will just leave you spinning dizzy trying to plan your Orlando itinerary each day. I would think it takes a good month if you have time to look at all the different hotel options and start planning this out correctly or just wing it and book this place because you have made a good decision!
Eula G.

Beach Club

1800 Epcot Resorts Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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