Get your Disney Photography

Get your Disney Photography

Mickey Mouse fans can come here and easily get a nice photography together with Mickey Mouse! It did not take long before the cast team started the focus on Disney merchandising as a revenue stream. One of the things the did was make Mickey Mouse dishes, toothbrushes, and everything you could think of bore Mickey's likeness. The shops are all over the park.

Much of photographs to take back home. Nothing is better than the one on one or Group Photos with the zany Disney characters. I love Mickey Mouse, and were so impressed with everything that happens around here.

We even stayed at the Cheapest of the Disney Resorts and had a fabulous time. If you want to pay a little more you can go for one of the Hotels with all the Upgrades that makes it even better. I should've said the absolute cheapest way to stay is that the Orlando Florida RV Camp which is fantastic.
Margaret J.

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Mickey Mouse

It really is Extra Special when you can get a photograph with Mickey Mouse! I like a lot of the characters, so it doesn't really matter that much to me but Mickey Mouse is high quality. The Disney costumes are so perfect, and now they have air conditioning inside their suits.

Goofy Dog is a good one, perfect for a photo with a young child or young daughter. It's a full day, and you need it plan ahead for the calendar of events. Very close to this area, where you get an opportunity to have your photographic Mickey Mouse, is the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Playhouse Live is really good for those with small children.

Make sure you understand the operating hours each day, so you can get the full day. There are a lot of places for character meet and greets, so pay attention to the locations and at times listed.

Eusebio A.

Mickey Character Greeting

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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