Good picks at Epcot

Good picks at Epcot

We like the Wine Fest and the Norway showcase, and really cooled off at the Maelstrom ride. Other things to see and do: Spelmanns Gledie band, Stave Church museum, the Viking Ship exhibit, Akerhus Royal Banquet Hall, and the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for primetime Norway Treats! France is super too.
Chet E.

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World Showcase

It's very entertaining touring the World Showcase of food. I think it's a pretty good idea to try a little bit of everything. All of the individual country showcases have a quick service food restaurant. It is really fun to just get one thing at each place, and split it between two. You get to buy something at each quick service restaurant, which is designed to be authentic food and is cheaper than the sit down. The food of Norway is really good, plus I like to drink Beer! That's another good thing about Epcot trips, it is a wine and beer drinking place. By far this is more adult oriented than the Magic Kingdom, and for sure Animal Kingdom zoo. I would say the best two parks for adults would be Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The kids will still have fun no matter where you go. It's adults that are a little more finicky, as Fantasyland gets old once you're past 40!

Donny W.

Norway Showcase

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