Good time Shopping Center

Good time Shopping Center

Everything is always changing for the better over the years and I have noticed. We stop in every six months or so and have been here at least 20 or 30 times, over the many years. The stores and shops and restaurants continue to evolve. That is excellent, keeping everything trendy and up to date.
Lorna Y.

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Shopping Mall

Everything is a lot more fun In Orlando, even they wonderful shopping mall. It was a pleasure to come here and stay at one of the Disney Springs area resorts, that being the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. It's only about one or two miles away and they have a nice little Boat Taxi that brings you back and forth to this shopping center. I really love what they've done with everything because there's more shops than ever plus some legendary restaurants like the Earl of Sandwich. We decided to come in October because that is a good month for the discounts at the hotels. Things are a lot more fun on vacation when you can get a deal on your accommodations and that way you have more money left over for the Mickey Mouse store. We came here for our ten year anniversary and think this was an outstanding place to celebrate, do some shopping, and eat at some really good restaurants.

Florence B.

Disney Springs

1490 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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