Harambe Village Reserve

Harambe Village Reserve

Welcome to Africa and you get to tour it up close. Just beyond the village is harambe reserve where you will experience the thrill of the african safari as you travel on a journey of adventure in the wild. As you ride in your jeep, you will view native african Animals roaming the land in all their glory. Here you will find harambe, a village filled with wonder and charm. This is A Place of Fascination and fun for all ages. The animals inside do bite so do not put your arms out.
Leta G.

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The fact that you don't know what's inside these doors is part of the dilemma or challenge that you go through. We like to kid around with people in the group and say stuff about things that are inside the door, that really aren't in there at all but will freak them out and make them timid about going inside. I did want to point out a couple of tips about Animal Kingdom.

One thing we figured out a while back is to use the Disney Single Rider Line. A lot of times we think the stuff is going to be-too-scary. Do not believe that it is going to be beyond belief, as then it turns out to be a pleasant experience that's not so bad after all. Some rides like at bigtohoairboatrides.com will get to you and that's the time when you need to pick the spot for the panic button. When you go crazy that means everybody in your family is going to react and it will make your heart beat go much higher! Oh yes on Expedition Everest, I will hold your popcorn for you when you go way up. I pass on the world's tallest anything or going backwards fast on anything! The food is good at the tusker house cafe thedisneychef.com and we like to eat.

Ina B.

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