Do not be Scared to Ride

Do not be Scared to Ride

Get warmed up for the really big rollercoasters by first jumping on the Primeval Swirl Ride. It is a hoot. Nice for all ages. Lasts for about four or five minutes and you do more twists and spins than big drops. It has one drop, not too bad. Everyone can handle this. Love the Music that plays on the ride.
Antoinette D.

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One of the best rides for Children

One of the best rides in my opinion at all of Disney Orlando is called Primeval Whirl, it is a dizzy one. Not super higher anything is just the spinning that gets you every single time. This is a fast pass ride to so keep that in mind if you still have not picked up the fast pass ticket at that point yet.

Tisha H.

All Smiles all Day

The Animal Kingdom trips are so fun and we like the big cats. My life with two cats makes me love this park. Every time returning my cats can smell lion on me. Cats love boxes, even Disney gift boxes that are leftovers. I can tear down the boxes in the bedroom. Just leave them and I will handle that unless you want to rip them to pieces. Put one out for the kitty to play, hunt, and to give him extra spirits and break the normal kitty day. Spirit enhancer to the kitty I am or kitty adopted-dad-florida travel commander!

Jarvis V.

Animal Kingdom

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Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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