Pick your Sports inside the Hotel

The baseball part of the hotel is excellent, but it does not matter where you stay. I guess you could request a special section and they should be able to put you there. If you do not like sports as much, go with the Contemporary which is fun for kids too.
Deborah Y.

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Pleasure filled Orlando Trips on Budget

Just recently found out that the Magic Kingdom Orlando does not serve Beer or even any Alcohol. That makes no sense, the management team is losing money on that poor decision. The other parks and waterparks do serve alcohol.

Hobert Q.

Enjoy the Surfboard Bay Swimming Pool

We freaked out at the 2 swimming pools, yes. That is what we wanted, lots of water and room to splash. The best one is beach-themed, which is perfect for Florida. It is called Surfboard Bay Swimming Pool, and that is where we spent all of our down time.

Angie T.

We are going to Disney Resort Yeah

Disney's All Star Sports is on sale. Big Time Sale. Cheap. Cheap. Cheap. I will make a reservation for Nov 30 and Dec 1 so we can go there for my birthday. They have a free cancellation policy if we can't make it for some reason. Yeah!

Wallace W.

Hotel located near the Animal Kingdom Theme Park

We had no idea how wonderful the hotels at Disney Orlando were for activity play. Enjoy video and pinball games at the Game Point Arcade. Hit the Swimming Pool in real style, as the pools here In Orlando are huge.

Hannah T.

Swimming Pool

All Star Sports fits that mold for all ages. It is nice, plus it has theming that was uniquely sports focused. Do it all on side like Cafeteria Style dining, big pools and Football recreation. This Big Resort there is no shortage of food, fun and first rate active Disney theming.

All disney resorts have an array of amenities plus daily events. Section. Near the pool room booking provides you close access to main areas. Best for sure are the rooms are located in the Surfs Up!

Events happen at the pool during many times each day. It has deals to offer, depending on the time of year. Save some cash on the hotel and Theme Park food at the einsteinbros.com bagel shop.

Carl Z.

All-Star Sports

1701 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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