Rides for Small Kids

Rides for Small Kids

A relaxing and educational ride that addresses life, gardens, and food supply possibilities. Fantastic to take children are many of the Epcot rides. Perfect to cool off on a hot day and is great for small kids. Way better than school, this will have your children thinking about college.
Roseann C.

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Educational Opportunities

You have to wait in some lines to get on the rides, we all know that. At least when you come to something like this, the line for the ride is inside and out of the sun. I don't mind Waiting in Line near as much if I'm not out in the heat and humidity. We came during the summer because we wanted to take advantage of the Key West Resort Swimming Pool, but it makes it a little more difficult and sweaty during the day At the Theme Parks. I'm assuming this was designed to be this way so you do not have to be in the sun for this particular ride and also Spaceship Earth. Most everybody will love the educational opportunities that you get, especially those people that have small children and would like for them to grow as part of their Disney day. Your kids can actually be a little bit smarter when they get finished with the Epcot Future World attractions and exhibits.

Evelyn W.

Living with the Land

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