The Painters Show

The Painters Show

These guys are just the greatest act and it changes on a weekly basis. We have seen them perform at Dinoland Animal Kingdom about five times. You kids can get involved, as Disney Orlando does a great job of finding all sorts of ways to let children get on stage. The do pick kids that are dressed cutely in Disney Clothing Lines, it just makes perfect sense to make the whole scene that much better for all of us.
Ernesto W.

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It Surprises me a little bit that the folks that handle all the advertising don't make a little bit more of a big deal of these guys. I personally think they're hilarious and do some of the funniest skits of anybody. Over at Epcot they have that guy in Italy that performs, his name is Sergio the Juggler. You'll find a lot of things going on during your trip to the theme parks that you did not expect. Hollywood Studios seems to have the most of it, comedy on the streets. These painters are so funny because they clown around and get the people involved that are sitting and watching. It is a good idea to let your small children get up close and have them ready to raise their hand. I've never seen them fall and have watched their act about ten times over the years. I am not sure where they come up with stuff like this, but sure glad they have the live entertainment that is unexpected.

Lola M.

Painter Trio

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