Where Kids want to Play

Where Kids want to Play

You need to sign up to get into any of the myriad of events that are hosted here. There are plenty of things that your children can do (basketball, softball, soccer, and more). It makes an excellent gift to get your children in one of the Lake Buena Vista summer league that play here at the Wide World of Sports complex. Free parking here, unlike the other Disney World parks.
Denice Y.

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Your children will have the best time ever if they can get enrolled in one of the soccer camps that they have here at Wide World of Sports. You can sign your kids up for the day, or they have weeklong things devoted to sports. We were impressed and the kids really enjoyed all the competition. They have good referees and umpires to make sure things are fair and not overly physical. Of course any of the kids could get her just like at home. Things like sprained ankles are gonna happen when you're falling after running so much. This is just the thing to do for the sports kids. The hotel to pick if you are going to stay overnight is the All-Star Sports Resort, which is about two miles away or so.

Colleen K.

Disney Soccer Fields

2700 South Victory Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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