Yeah for Disney Beer

Yeah for Disney Beer

Disney Beer is so easy, as they sell it all over the place. Just ask any employee where is the closest Alcohol selling spot. Good food area for dining, with that special disney twist. You can do so much In Orlando, but you will never top the dining experience here. It is a classic and you should bring your video camera for sure. Things can happen so fast, you have to keep your hand on the trigger.
Denice F.

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Beers are your friend when you are at a Theme Park all day. You know how it is, everyone is all gun-ho for about the first four or five hours doing all the rides and having a terrific time Exploring. Once you get on Star Tours and do the movie star event shows, eventually a cold beer will hit the spot. Disney World is really good about cocktails starting at the hotels for the Poolside Bar. They make those good kind of frozen cocktails to, like a mango Margarita. When you sit down and take a look at the bar menu, you will get thirsty quick. Epcot is really good for those that want to consume a little bit Alcohol during the day, but you can buy beer, wine, and hard liquor at any of the theme parks. You have to search around every now and then, you can always get a beer in the quick service restaurants.

Hilary N.

Hollywood Studios

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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